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my Annies are made by me with my original patterns and designs

I just changed to tea dyed muslin for their bodies however
 a few Annies might still 
have coffee stained muslin bodies 

their arms and legs are button jointed
their eyes are hand painted and faces hand stitched
no glue was used for their needle felted and hand stitched hair
some Annies may have hand smocked dresses
they are OOAK made for your enjoyment
and each wear a charm   :)

                    Annies for sale on this page are $65 plus $7 shipping in the USA                           $20 for international shipping First Class Package
I invoice through Paypal

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Autumn Sunflower Annie

is 18 inches tall 
her body was made from tea dyed muslin
her sunflower wristlet was made just for her


her dress was hand smocked and I added a golden band with a bow to her skirt



God bless